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Behind our ROOT-SHOP there is a motivated team of ROOT ambassadors who are constantly striving to improve and offer you even more service.

With our excellent 5* service, we have managed to become Austria's first platinum ROOT partner in the history of ROOT Brands.
We have now completed the qualification for Platinum III and can proudly say that there is no other shop that has such a high title.

We can also proudly say that our CEO Stephanie is number 1 in Austria at ROOT.

We can assure you one thing, we will not rest on our laurels.😍 Our goal is to perform better every day than the day before.

We are also proud to say that we were the first official ROOT Ambassador to successfully complete the strict certification process.

We are now an official, verified and certified ROOT Brands reseller. Our reseller number #0349

This confirms that we always adhere to the strict guidelines we receive from ROOT Brands, so as a customer you can be sure that you will only receive original products and that you can shop without worries.

We are one of the largest, oldest and verified ROOT shops in Germany, Austria and the EU.

There are only a few shops that are listed as official resellers, this is an absolute privilege and another bonus for you in our shop.

Below you can see our official ROOT reseller stamp, which we received from ROOT Brands. This stamp shows you whether it is a reputable, official and verified ROOT reseller.

verified reseller #0349 - partner number #78183

In our team, which we are able to support, our partners have already achieved and maintained some high ranks, and we would be happy to support you in this too.

Our CEO and ROOT Ambassador Stephanie is also always in contact with ROOT Brands to stay up to date and not miss any news for you.

Recently in June 2023 she was even honored in front of everyone present at a meeting in Salzburg, Austria, as she had once again written a piece of ROOT history.

In recognition of this, Stephanie received from Dr. Christina Rahm's clothing line, with which Dr. Rahm was even present at New York Fashion Week and was given a dress that was truly unique and designed by Dr. Rahm was worn that evening. (photos to follow)

Clayton Thomas CEO The ROOT Brands

Stephanie Chaloupsky ROOT Ambassador

Delivery times in the ROOT-SHOP?

In order to be able to offer you the best possible service, we exclusively have one of the largest warehouses for ROOT Brands products in Germany and Austria.

Thanks to our large warehouse and our dedicated employees, it is always possible for us to hand over your orders to the shipping partners DHL (Austrian Post) or DPD within the shortest possible time.

If you place an order with us, we promise you that we will ship this order to you with your desired shipping partner within 24 hours. (applies on working days 😉)

If you would like to order a larger quantity and are unsure whether this is available in our warehouse, please feel free to write to us:

Will I receive 100% original ROOT products?


We are proud to say that we were the first ROOT Brands reseller shop to go through the strict verification process, pass immediately and be verified.

There are only a few shops that are listed as official resellers.

This means that we adhere to all rules towards customers and manufacturers.

This is the official stamp of ROOT Brands, which tells you whether it is a reputable and verified ROOT reseller.

ROOT Brands reseller verified

As a certified ROOT reseller shop, we only sell original ROOT Brands products.

With us you can be sure that you will only receive 100% genuine, original ROOT Brands products.

Dr. Christina Rahm (Product Developer The ROOT Brands) 

Stephanie Chaloupsky ROOT Ambassador

Which original ROOT products can I order in the ROOT SHOP?

ALL ROOT products!

as well as all ROOT advantage packs

  • ROOT Value Pack
  • ROOT Duo Pack
  • ROOT Trinity Pack
  • ROOT Trinity Pack Plus
  • ROOT Family Pack

Ted Baker ROOT Brands & Stephanie Chaloupsky ROOT Ambassador

Contact person in the ROOT SHOP

We would like to introduce you to our CEO and ROOT Ambassador Stephanie as your personal contact.

She has been a ROOT Brands Ambassador since December 2021 and in just 8 months she managed to become Austria's 1st Platinum Ambassador in the history of ROOT Brands.

If you have any questions, she will have an answer for you.

We are happy to be there for you and look forward to welcoming you.

Thank you for your trust.

With peace, love and light!

Your Stephanie