RPS = ROOT Prime Subscription

The ROOT Brands loyalty program exclusively for ROOT Brands customers and ROOT Ambassadors.

As a ROOT Prime subscriber, you always have your favorite products at hand and can optimally promote your health.

The RPS ROOT Prime Loyalty Program is designed to offer customers or ambassadors, rewards and special services when they opt for automatic shipping of their selected products.

First you have to log in at therootbrands.com/de/derootprime/mylogin


Automatic shipping takes place every 30 days , and shipping is free from the second shipment
ROOT Brands products support and help people all over the world and offer solutions that protect your body and give it what it needs for complete physical health.
ROOT Brands products are designed to work synergistically with each other when used daily to achieve the best results.
We congratulate you as a ROOT Prime member on your commitment to optimal well-being and for your daily work that is necessary for optimal health.
Thank you for making ROOT a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Your RPS (ROOT Prime) advantages:

First you have to log in at therootbrands.com/de/derootprime/mylogin

ROOT Brands Prime RPS
  • One free RPS delivery per month (free shipping from the 2nd delivery)
  • Two free shipping interim orders per month (2 $15 shipping vouchers for two regular orders)
  • RPS Reward $50 in the form of a coupon code, after a completed RPS cycle (4 months) if the average product price for your monthly order is $175 or less
  • RPS Reward $100n in the form of a voucher code, after a completed RPS cycle (4 months) if the average product price for your monthly order is $176 or more
  • VIP customer support
  • can be canceled at any time

    RPS membership

    First you have to log in at therootbrands.com/de/derootprime/mylogin
    Your ROOT Prime membership is activated when you first order the ROOT Prime subscription .
    Starting with the second order, you will receive your products free of charge.
    RPS orders cannot be more than 30 days apart .

    RPS - ROOT Prime Terms and Conditions

    Customers and ambassadors sign up for automatic delivery (every month) of selected products and can thereby enjoy a range of benefits.

    RPS - ROOT Prime subscription

    is activated with your first RPS order (ROOT Prime).

    RPS - ROOT Prime processing date

    is a customer- selected day of the month on which the RPS order is processed each calendar month.
    • RPS processing date can be adjusted manually at any time (you have to click Save)
    • RPS orders will be processed the day after the selected date
    • To receive RPS benefits, the RPS processing date must be changed in accordance with our Terms and Conditions; There may be a maximum of 31 days between two RPS orders
    • There must be at least 20 days between two RPS processing days.

    ongoing RPS - ROOT Prime order

    is an order completed no earlier than 20 days after the last RPS order and no later than 31 days after the last RPS order .

    RPS - ROOT Prime Shopping Cart

    refers to the items added to the RPS and can be viewed by logging into the ROOT account and selecting ROOT Prime from the side menu.
    • Items from the RPS shopping cart can be removed from the RPS shopping cart
    • Item quantities from the RPS shopping cart can be adjusted in the RPS shopping cart
    • RPS shopping cart items can be added to the RPS shopping cart via the SHOP

    RPS - ROOT Prime cycle

    is a four-month time interval during which four consecutive RPS jobs must be executed; between
    RPS orders must be 31 days or less in order for the customer to retain RPS benefits.
    • The RPS cycle is successfully completed when four RPS orders are processed consecutively and within the prescribed period of four months
    • The RPS cycle is not successful if the
      RPS orders in the four months since the first
      RPS order not consecutive
      RPS orders are

    RPS - ROOT Prime Terms and Conditions

    1. By signing up for RPS, customer authorizes ROOT Wellness LLC to charge the account using their chosen payment method for a recurring order each month (30-31 days) , consistent with the RPS processing date.

    2. Customer understands that this is a recurring subscription that will continue indefinitely unless canceled.

    3. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure a working payment method to continue RPS membership and receive RPS benefits.

    4. RPS orders must be shipped to an address selected in the ROOT Prime menu accessible through the ROOT account.

      Any subsequent address changes must be communicated to and approved by the Root Wellness customer support team ; Failure to notify may result in the RPS cycle not being able to complete successfully.

    5. Regular orders using the $15 shipping credit must be shipped to the same address as the RPS orders;
      Changes to the address for these orders will result in regular shipping charges and cancellation of the shipping voucher.

    6. You must have four consecutive shipments, one shipment every thirty days, in four consecutive 30-day periods to receive your RPS Reward.

    7. If the RPS processing date is postponed beyond a month (30 - 31 days) or an already processed RPS order is canceled, the RPS cycle may be interrupted; Interruptions cause the ROOT prime cycle to reset and the next job to be captured as the first of four jobs in the RPS cycle.

    8. Customers can return their first RPS order. The second and all subsequent RPS orders are non-refundable unless
      because there are special circumstances. If the Root Wellness LLC customer support team is contacted and the refund is approved,
      The customer can receive a refund for the second order or subsequent RPS orders.

    9. You can cancel your RPS order at any time by logging into your account, selecting Root Prime from the menu and clicking Cancel. If you use PayPal as your payment method for your recurring RPS order, you will also need to sign in to PayPal and set up the automatic payment profile for your order

    10. RPS reward of $100 in the form of two coupon codes when the average product price for a monthly order
      one completed RPS cycle is $176 or more.

    Contact person in the ROOT SHOP

    We would like to introduce you to our partner Stephanie as your personal contact.

    She has been with ROOT Brands since December 2021 and after just 8 months she managed to become the 1st Platinum Ambassador from Austria.

    If you have any questions she will find an answer for you.

    Contact person root-shop.at Root Brands Clean Slate
    If you have any questions or need help, write me a personal message to hallo@root-shop.de
    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Best regards